Customer Projects

These projects are either open source or available to you on the customer's behalf. If you find you may need these projects or integration support, please contact us.
SFAFx MCEB Pub 7/Spectrum Frequency Action Format Parser and JSON library

Try the SFAFx JSON transform online.
OSS available on github: SFAFx JSON library.

CSV2SFAF Free to use online tool that transforms your CSV/Spreadsheet data into SFAF records. (work in progress)

OSS available on github: SFAF2DB mapping tool.

XSD2SQL Web service that transforms your complex XML Schema Definition or (XSD) into Oracle, SQL Server or other DB including support web services. ...more to come...
EMD2IMG Web tools to analyze and visualuze spectrum measured data and many other sources as an image. Easily convert between EMD2IMG tagged images and the original data for analysis. ...more to come...

Research Projects

Byzantine Byzantine is an intelligent web service modeling, replication, analysis, and monitoring tool. Forward and reverse engineer web service interfaces, services, and file formats.
TrustTree Trust Tree is a decision support and knowledge operations project that integrates information assurance and model checking as a first class property of a system from specification through operations.
SunaScio Physics integrated searching based on Solr. Adds physics units of measures and equivalence to Solr spatial indexes which enables kinematics, electromagnetic, and other physical model searching for modeling and simulation.


  • Data discovery and unified search
  • Disparate data source ingest and correlation
  • Configurable business logic for domain specific modeling and workflow
  • Business intelligence, decision support and reasoning under uncertainty
  • Learning human-machine data fusion systems